Welcome to the new server! This is a cloud server with Amazon AWS and its going to be pretty reliable.

Your data is clean and good, but there are some things in your program that won't work right. Nothing ever goes perfect on a major move like this. The software has not been modified in a very long time and was running in a very old Windows server with a very old DB/2. We had to update all the .jars and drivers and put it on a new Linux server with the latest configurations and latest DB/2. This broke some forms and some parts of the program. Easily fixed, but we need you to help show us where the problems are.

We need you to tell us which of your forms dont work and which things in your program isn't right so we can fix you up fast.

My email is:
My Skype is: loyalpuppy
My Google Hangouts is:
My Facebook is: robert.dayton.165

We DO check the emails, but all of the above contact information goes DIRECTLY to my phone and I want to make sure we dial you in as fast as possible so I want to be working with you directly.

Once we have you completely smooth on this new server and eveything working flawlessly in your programs, we are going to start to add in a whole lot of cool things. I notice that alot of you dont even use the forms in the program and I want to update all of those things for you. GlobalTracker needs alot of work to become current and compete with the other products out there well and we are committed to adding them in. First, we just need to get you smooth with what you have here.

Rob and Rove Dayton

P.S. The program will seem slow due to the level of logging we are doing. After it's humming along good, we will turn that off and it will be very snappy again.

Expect Tracker to be down daily from 10:30-11:30 pm CST for maintenance.

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Tel (best to SMS): 929-250-5964 Email:
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